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Protecting Your School’s Facilities

Technically school is the place where you spend most of your time. From five or six years until eighteen years of age, almost the whole day is spent in the school. If you attend private or public school it is your responsibility to utilize all facilities with care. Most public schools don’t get funds to buy new facilities to replace current ones every year; sometimes the school has to raise funds to buy the needful. Therefore it is your duty as students to take care of it for the future generations.

What do you use?
You are in the class room most of the time. Ensure the desks and chairs don’t hurt the walls and the place is not littered at all times. In the laboratories make sure to use the tools with utmost care as most of the items are quite expensive. When you are in the gym those equipments also must be handled with caution. Most grounds have natural grass and it is your obligation to run or play with proper care to not to harm it; if there is a nursery where the new grass is growing for replacement take care not to tread on it. Some schools have a synthetic turf. This can be very costly so you are again responsible to use it carefully.

Teach the young
Your seniors might have had an information session when you first attended school, to show how and when to use the facilities. If not surely the teachers might have advised you on the same. Doesn’t matter if your seniors did it or not, take it upon yourself to guide your juniors in the correct path. Maybe when you were doing a project you found out how costly these facilities are; you understood the value of it and were determined to use them with care. Facilitate a similar experience for newcomers too. If you are in a main club or a society this could be done easily.

Manage outsiders
Not only the students of the school, but also visitors use school properties. Especially the school ground is utilized by others frequently. It maybe so that they use it for exercising or working out; however first of all some ground rules have to be established. It should be prohibited to be driven in the grass. If it is an turf installation in Sydney there are some sports only that can be played. Public should be made aware of all this information. Similarly if outsiders use the gym there should be rules and regulations they are bound by.

You will understand the value of school when you yourself are trying to enter kids in. If everyone uses the resources with care the public schools don’t have to charge facilities fee. It will be an ideal situation which everyone wishes and admires.