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How To Keep Your Pantry Dry And Clean Always

Keeping your pantry dry and clean is a great way to make sure that you will enjoy it for a longer period of time and that you will not need to put in large sums of money for untimely repairs that happen due to simple negligence. With busy schedules that most of us do have these days, cleaning becomes just that much harder. It takes up way too much time and energy. Therefore, here are some great tips to help you run a clean pantry with minimal trouble.

You do not have to do it all in one go
One of the biggest reasons why kitchens become a lot to clean is because people try to clean up everything in one go which can be a bit impractical. Rather than piling everything on yourself in one day, try to section out the things that need to be done for a few days. For example do the shelves on one day. It will simplify the process and give you more time to do the cleaning right without it eating into your schedule.

De-clutter everything smartly
One more reason cleaning gets boring and way too long is because the process of de-cluttering gets too long and intensive. Therefore, something that you will need to do from day one is keep your pantry free from unwanted clutter. You may have the most beautiful granite countertops Melbourne but if it Is filled with brick-a-brack there is no way that you can enjoy it. Throw away unnecessary things as soon as you see them. If a tin or a box goes empty, do not think that by hoarding it you will find some kind of magical purpose for it later. Just get rid of it as soon as possible.

Sort out things in an order
There has to be an order for you to be able to run things in a tidy manner. Keep the spices together and the herbs together. Keep grains separately, store cereals separately in airtight containers, clean out the fridge and keep all vegetables and fruits that are perishable easily in a place where you can spot them and reach them so that you can minimize food going to waste. Store utensils in order of use and make sure the fragile items are stored safely together. Sharp objects like knives and forks should be placed in their respective holders. If there are any potted plants in the pantry make sure that any dead leaves and flowers are removed and that the soil and water does not run all over the place.