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Doing Up A Guest Room On A Budget

Decorating the house and doing the interiors can be a creative process. Here you might want to add personal touches along with furnishing and decor styles to get a desired look, whether modern, contemporary, boho, elegant, cottage-like or somewhere in between. This entire designing and decorating process can seriously set you back by a few hundred dollars.

Also, in the decorating process often the guest room is neglected. But that need not be the case as the guest room can also be turned into an inviting space for weary travelers or sudden guests. It can be done by incorporating a few home decor tips that will not burn a hole in your pockets.

Budget friendly guest room decorating tips

  • Bedding
    One of the first things guests will notice in your guest room is not the table, chair or furniture but the mattresses used. Thus, it is recommended to invest in a good quality one which needs not be expensive. Quality cheap mattresses in Sydney are available that have extra soft linen and are comfortable too without being highly priced. You can also opt for trundle beds that will not take up much space. These can be useful and convenient to use when you have more than one guests visiting.
    • Furniture
      The guest room need not be extravagantly furnished beds, but it requires a few basic pieces of furniture. These include a place to sit, read or place their things. You could choose from a chair or a bench placed at the end of the bed.
      However a better option is to get an ottoman which has storage space as well. Thus, it can act as a seating space for guests and double up as storage for bed linens or the guest’s clothes, making it an inexpensive two-in-one solution.
      If the guest room provides space, you can also have a small dresser in the room. Thrift shops have a range of furniture that is cheap and with a little modification can become multiple purposes.
      • Accessorize the room with necessities
        The guest room need not have outlandish artifacts or decor pieces but it must have bare minimum accessories which are necessary. This includes a tray in the bathroom with towels, napkins and toiletries, such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrush and shampoo.
        The room must have a side table with a jar of water, a glass, an alarm clock and maybe a magazine. Also, keep extra pillows, blankets and towels in the room at any easy to reach place.